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This is a very simple and fast card game, but, and that's the important thing, also EXTREMELY fun!

Each player is drawn 4 face-down cards. At the beginning of each round the players get to see 2 of those 4 cards (ONCE, and never again during the round). The aim of the game is to have the lowest sum possible in that 4 cards, thus 0 is a very good card and 9 an extremely bad 1. Then each player in turn draws a card from the deck and decides wether to exchange it with one of his card or to discard it. When a player thinks his 'hand' is good enough, he can knock on the table to indicate that the round is going to end. Then each player (except the knocking one) takes another turn and then scores are revealed.

You get to play a number of rounds equal to the number of players, or, if you want, a multiple of the number of players. When playing in 2 just play 4 rounds.

I found the game exceptional as a filler, as the memory element is not so taxing as it is in Mamma Mia!, but still, not knowing when the round is going to end is going to keep you on your toes.

NOTE: The game has also 3 special cards that are described on boardgamegeek. The description in boardgamegeek is almost an english translation of the rules. It only forgets to say a single thing. Once the cards are shown for the scoring phase, you have to substitute ANY special card any player may have with a newly-drawn (thus random) card. Basically, it's better to get rid of them quite soon, but it's still better to get rid of a 9. ;)

  • Waga do 0,5kg
  • Liczba Graczy 2-6
  • Minimalny Wiek Graczy od 5 lat
  • Typ Gry karciana
  • Orientacyjny czas gry do 30 min

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